All your digital banking questions answered

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Learn about the tech keeping your money safe online, how you can easily keep yourself safe from scammers and the many things you can do with digital banking - without needing to leave your home! Ben Anderson, ANZ's lead for the Digital Customer Experience area, and Lynwen Connick, ANZ's Global Chief Information Security Officer and former Chief Information Security Officer for Australia's Department of Defence, answered the Starts at 60 community's hairiest questions on digital banking and using the internet to manage your money in a masterclass on September 4th, 2020 - watch the recording now to find out what they said.

Disclaimer: Given the nature of the event, all comments and any advice is general in nature and do not take into account your financial circumstances, goals or objectives. You should consider what is appropriate for you and before acquiring any product or service you should read all applicable terms and conditions.
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