Metrobank Credit Card Activation [How to Activate Credit Card online ]

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Metrobank Credit Card Activate Online. How can I activate my metrobank credit card online text or call

We will show the step by step process on how to activate Metrobank credit card online. There are 3 ways to activate, you can send an SMS or through text you can activate your credit card. You can also activate it by calling the Metrobank hotline: 88-603-030. In this video, we will show the third option for Metrobank credit card activation, and it is through online! You do not have to call the hotline and wait for activation, you can activate the credit card anytime anywhere as long as you have your cellphone or computer with good internet connection.

After this video, you should be able to use your Metrobank credit card to buy for items, pay bills online, shop online and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I know if my Metrobank card is activated?
There are several ways to know if your Metrobank credit card is activated. You can call Metrobank hotline for the status of your credit card. You can also check if you can use it to pay and buy items, it means that it is already activated. You can also enroll your Metrobank credit card for online access to view other details of your credit card account.

When should I activate my credit card?
You can activate your Metrobank credit card as soon as you receive it. You can also activate it anytime you need as long as you are keeping your card secured and well kept.

Can I use my credit card as soon as I activate it?
You may double check with the bank provider if it will take a while before you can fully use it. Most of the time, you can use your Metrobank credit card as soon as you confirmed that it is activated and ready to use.

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0:14 Metrobank credit card unboxing
0:37 Different ways to activate Metrobank credit card
0:42 Metrobank credit card activation by text
1:21 Metrobank credit card activation via hotline
1:34 Metrobank credit card activation online

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