Mortgage Marketing with Evergreen Home Loans Digital Marketing Webinar

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In this webinar, Jeanne Hussin, VP of Marketing for Evergreen Home Loans, and Erik Newton, Milestone VP of Marketing, discussed digital marketing, social media, and website optimization for banking and financial services industry. The topics included strategies to leverage an SEO-optimized CMS to drive organic traffic and more leads for your business. Our experts presented financial services industry benchmarks and best practices to optimize your website, ATM and product and services pages to deliver an effective omnichannel experience for your customers and partners.

Key takeaways included:
• Social works for banks and finance done correctly
• Market and communicate internally for best results
• Pick a CMS that propels digital results
• Obsess over speed and customer experience
• Ensure it provides security and compliance
• Get mobile right, make it fast, consider a PWA
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